I am a middle-aged grandmother still learning to navigate life’s waters. It took me close to 45 years to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Now I am chipping away at my business administration degree as I live out my dream of working for a non-profit and serving others. I work as a scholarship officer for the University of Alaska Foundation, where it is my goal to connect donors and students through scholarships.

This blog is where I will share my musing on all things related to the arts. All my life I’ve been surrounded by the arts. My parents encouraged me and my siblings to understand the world through this avenue. Though I do not remember it personally, we have pictures of family trips visiting architecture across Europe. We listened to a variety of music in our home. Role playing was encouraged through play and stage acting.

Though I am not an artist or a musician, I proudly boast of my siblings’ and extended family members’ talents. In fact, I encourage everyone to discover my talented sister-in-law’s website.image


Rain Dancer, art work by Judy Shreve

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